Poems from Loving You.

These some of poems from www.lovingyou.com.
That is one place i visit when i need to talk to someone who thinks like me.

Bellow are some poems i got for you my visitors but there is much more, just pay them a visit.
You will love it.

And the pictures are still cute.
The reason of my poetry

You’re the reason, of my poetry
The true meaning behind words
True love developing its wings
Reaching high beyond the birds.

I love you for who you truly are
For nothing less, for only more
Love, an ocean of true emotions
Joined together from its shores.

You’re the inspiration to poetry
Even though love, goes beyond
The distance words can explain
In a poem, prose, or even songs.

I love you every step of the way
For who you’ve made me today
The love I feel, within my heart
No words cannot express to say.

You & I

You & I.

You came into my life,
As a bright morning day,
With sunshine that spread through the sky,

Your smile, so bright and beautifully
Like the moon that lights the sky in the dark

Your stories, rhyme in my mind day and night,
As I smile to my heart, with love

your touch, comforts me
As your voice strengthens me

You loving me, and I loving you,
Makes You and I, together we will be,

For sure you and I were meant to be.
Let forever be the limit.

I love you,

I fell in love
I fell in love
by mattsangel

Just one touch
a single kiss
the reason to live
looking into your eyes
I dream every thought of you.

Every moment leading to
forever and eternal
beyond the burning of my heart
as we try to control the beat
never said a single prayer
now I find myself close to your soul
the closest I will ever come to heaven

I pray my soul
just one touch and I fell
in love!!


Butterfly Kisses
Butterfly Kisses
by HollyMrkPage

For a spirit so free and a heart so true
Bountiful blessings bestowed to you

Rich lavish gardens with Lavender and Thyme
Sounds of Mother Nature forming rhythm and rhyme

Long peaceful walks gathering endless treasures
Moonlit nights and other such pleasures

I wish you a lifetime of clear surprise
Sending butterfly kisses to each of your eyes

Cyber Friendship
Cyber Friendship
by daisyv

Cyber friendship…

I know we just meet on line
But as the days passed by
We developed friendship
Friendship that is so true and honest
There is always willingness to share….

We were strangers then, how can I forget
The day you came into my life, willing to share
Love, joys, happiness, even despair
Everything you knew, that I will appreciate

Then suddenly we became
What we call friends, though I share just a little
But you treasured still ‘till we became very best friend

My friend who knows when I am sad
Giving me advises and laughter
To fill the emptiness I felt within

My friend who is just a mouse click away
Willing to stay at my side
Just to keep me company
Though at times being ignored
By some unspoken words….

And now I don’t know what to say
For I know words isn’t enough
To thank him, to tell him
I treasured this friendship
Friendship that I want to remain forever….

My very best friend. I am there with you…
Always and forever I will remain
Your very best friend…..

The moon glows upon us
Loving arms outstretched
Where a silver path gleams
As lovers come together
Kindling hopes and dreams

Dreams make connection
Under stars gleaming bright
Where lovers rendezvous
Feeling together each night

With star dust shimmering
Lighting the pathway of love
In the dreams we partake
While stars glistened above

On starry nights we meet
Where romance fills the air
The moon glows upon us
Sharing a dreamy love affair

Far apart
I don’t know when I’ll see you next,
but I am refusing to lose faith.

I know we can make it through this and finally be face-to-face.
My life has been blessed from knowing you,
so I will never give you up…
no matter what may come.

Sometimes life gives us trials,
and sometimes love can be tough.

Just remember that even though I’m not physically there…
I will always do the best I can to show you that I care.

Waited all my life.
I think of you so often
Many memories flood my mind
Simple thoughts of loveliness
So gentle and so kind

I hold onto these visions
With conviction and desire
For you, my love, are the one
Who builds and stokes the fire

The tenderness of your touch
The gentleness in your soul
Both have nursed my aching heart
And filled an empty hole

I owe my life to you, my love
I didn’t even have a clue
No one has ever done to me
The things you wonderfully do

I tell you this so you will know
As surely as tides ebb and flow
My love for you is real and true
I have waited all my life for you

A Walk in the Clouds

It took but a glance,
And only lasted a second,
Yet I still cannot erase
Your soothing smile from my mind,
Like an orange-winged butterfly,
Your beauty cannot be adequately described,
Just appreciated in a way that transcends time.

Rarely am I caught at a loss for words,
However I find myself stumbling
When I’m around you,
I never thought love could come so soon,
Always scoffing at those that said it’s true,
So now I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do.

A Lover’s Dance
A Lover’s Dance
by mattsangel

Our hearts become one
our souls intwined
you take my hand…

Holding my body
close to yours
alone there we stand…

Your kisses like fire
your eyes speak to me
I feel your aching inside…

With your mind
you undress my body
as I stand before you…

With your eyes
you bind my hands
nothing I can do…

Rendering me helpless
before your eyes
my mind is in a trance…

My body’s on fire
you hear my moans
you being a lover’s dance…

Without your hands
you touch my body
teasing me with your eyes…

The ache and desire
of where your taking me
hunger my body cries…

My breast so ripe
I feel your stare
your mouth devours…

Savouring each moment
drive me to the edge
what seems like hours
teasing more of me….

As I stand helpless
your out for pleasure
to your knees you go…

With a smile you look
you found the treasure….

With hunger in your eyes
you feast like a king
into my eyes you glance…

Loosing my control
savoring each moment
enjoying a lover’s dance.

With you
With you
by mattsangel

I love being with you
and discovering
new things about you.

I love learning
what makes you laugh
and finding the places
where you’re the most ticklish.

I love hearing stories
about when you were little,
and listening as you talk about
your hopes and dreams.

I love the sound of your voice
when I pick up the phone
and the way it sounds
when you whisper my name.

I love holding hands
and curling up next to each other.
I love the way I feel
when I’m with you!!

Wish I can….
by daisyv

Wish I can…..

Wish I can catch a rainbow
To give it to you
When you are feeling sad and blue

Wish I can enter your heart
To know what’s bothering inside
When you can’t still share
What is the burden within you…

Wish I can build you a mountain
You can call your own
To be the place for you
To unleashed your emotions
For a peaceful tomorrow…

Wish I can be a bird
To fly to you now
To share joys and laughter
For me see
The glow on your sweet face…

Wish I can be at your side
To embrace you tight
To comfort you
Giving you calmness
When you are about to give up
And nobody seems to care
Even they are there at you side….

Wish I can be there with you….

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