A love letter for everyone

My love

Am writing this with pain inside my heart, for loving you has been painful but I still love you just like I did the first time we met.

I know you love me, but at times I think, you think less of me; as though I can’t give you what you desire… you give me a look of ‘i-need-more’ yet you think I can’t give it to you. Other times you think am asking too much for you to offer.

I see you walk away, in search of your heart’s desire, and I say to myself ’why didn’t you ask me first?’, and it hurts me, for I wish to be the first person you consult about anything in your life.

I rise with jealous, every time you do that to me, I feel some one else has taken my place. I love you so much, but it hurts to think that am not enough, or worth something in your life… “Even my opinion is not good at all!” I say to myself with bitterness.

The truth about you hurts me a lot, especially when I realized that you are weak at defending our love and our relationship. Still I love you, actually I love you more every time you error or hurt me. The pain of losing you, makes me realize how much I love you, how far I would go to help you get up and defend our love, just like I have.

Am yearning for your love, for you to get close to me, to know me, and give me a chance to show you how much I love. I also need you to show me how much you love me, in you words, actions, and in every thing you do. I need to spend every moment with you.

I must admit that am jealous, I need you to myself, but that is because I love you. I hate it when you cheat on me, or when you walk out on me when we are still talking or when you shut me up.

I do love your friends and family just like I love you, I would like to meet them. I have so much to share with them, but you always cut me out. You hardly tell them about us! That makes me sad. I know some of them may not like me or our relationship but at least, I will understand that you’re proud of me.

I love you, may be more than you can ever imagine. No pain can ever stop me from loving you. I just hope that from now you will get close to me, know me better, and spend more time together, just enough for me to show you how much I love you.

Am not saying you have not been good to me, actually appreciate everything you have given to me, and those things you have given up simply because of our relationship. I simply need more of you. Basically, show me ‘more-love’ like your friends say.



—— “I just got a pen and wrote, I will understand the rest later” .Beneth —–

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  • 1. akoola  |  August 4, 2009 at 8:23 AM

    “I just got a pen and wrote, I will understand the rest later”

    Now i know what those words mean.

    I hardly talk to my friends about JC, actually a friend of mine called Last Thursday, i told her, ” am in church, lets talk later!” Then she asked me, “What is wrong?”.

    Well that was a bad slap, cos she is my close friend… and she doesn’t know that i go to church for fellowship or Bible study.

    I felt i was not alone, so i chose to share it.
    I know what i have to do.

    You find what you need to do……

  • 2. Czar  |  August 7, 2009 at 11:25 PM

    Can I copy and paste your words — to someone else (not JC)?


  • 3. akoola  |  August 10, 2009 at 6:37 AM

    Ha ha ha….
    May i ask who?

    I would not like that… but i can’t avoid it.
    So you can!

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