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Just another harvest

Just another harvest

Standing in the middle of my field,
All I can see is a bush,
Shrubs with thorns and hooks
I wonder, did I plant this?

Did some visit my garden
And change all my seeds,
Did I have a garden at all?
I wonder.

My house is so clean,
And so quite,
No kids running around,
Or a wife by my side!
I wonder, are these the choices I made,
Or someone else imposed this on me?

Am driving home from the supermarket,
My neighbor is walking home,
With heavy loads on her shoulders
Yet she turns down my help,
I wonder could she be scared of me,
Did I do something wrong to her?

So many wild seeds I have planted,
So many you too have planted,
Don’t act innocent.

Some I have forgotten,
Just like you have forgotten yours
Yet now all the fruits are ripe,

This is just another harvest
I don’t want to pick any,
Nor keep any in my house.

By Beneth

October 29, 2010 at 1:37 PM 4 comments

Don’t give up on us.

Don’t give up on us.

I know I have failed you
And I failed God that gave me, you.
Am sorry for the mess I have done,
But don’t give up on us.

I kept no promise I made to you,
Neither did I do what My Father tought me
I laid my hands on you with anger
With little knowledge
I killed our love, our family
And I destroyed my life.

Am so sorry for the pain
I drove you through,
For now I know how it hurts.

I still need to have the family
We dreamed about,
Raising our children together,
But above all,
I still need to feel the love we shared.

Our home has become a house
The children miss their mother
But in amidst of all that,
I miss my wife

Many have told me to give up,
But am still holding on,
Please don’t give up on us
We need to achieve our dream
And we still love you.

By Beneth

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Lonely house

Lonely house

Am seated on the floor watching TV.
Pictures of u are still on the wall,
Like you still live here with me.

Frustration drives me to a bottle,
Drinking myself silly to forget
The fact that am so lonely.
Am trying to keep my pride,
Yet all I want is cry

Would it help if I told u I miss u.
Will it change a thing if I said am sorry.
Will you understand my pain if you said
I have been like this since the day you left.

My house is so lonely,
Am even scared of the dark,
To hell with this pride
I just feel like crying.

By Beneth 10/10/2010

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Why does a friend become an enemy?

Why does a friend become an enemy?

I don’t know about you, but if you are to tell me the truth, 90% of the people you call your enemies were once your friends.

Have you ever wondered how all starts, I would say it starts with us. We trust too much, we idolize them in our lives, what they say or do, we do, we forget we had a life before met these friends in our lives, we feel we own them and since we are friends they should be loyal to us.

That is too much to ask or hope for, and that is our problem.

Let me ask,

If you have a friend who always tells you problems, and every day you have to cry with them… won’t you feel they are weighing you down?

May be not, what if?

If you have a friend who always has something to celebrate, won’t you feel jealous?

May be not, what if?

Have you ever felt you need to compete with your friend, why did you feel that? What drove you to do it?

Anyway the bottom line, our friends are human, and I believe we prefer them as friends than enemies so before they cross over, let’s treat them as humans.

Don’t make them your idols, don’t drive them to the jealous zone, don’t use them as problems-bin, respect them and the things that are dear in their lives; and above all, don’t forget to live your life.

By Beneth


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Friends don’t know it all.

Friends don’t know it all.

Have you ever sat down and your friend has a lot to share, going on with this and that… and you start wondering if you are distracted because you seem to understand what the problem is.


We all have friends to lean on, and those that lean on us.  And I would say it’s normal to fail to understand the problem you’re friend is going through, Actually I would say,  it’s ok to say “Buddy I have no idea of what you are talking about..” than claim to understand and give wrong or insensitive advice. Being someone’s friend does not give you super power to solve every problem.


I don’t mean to be rude, but honestly some of those issues we tell our friends are just beyond them. Well we may need someone to cheer us up but let us not go to the last detail explaining the dots and commas in our lives.

By Beneth


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What better words do we hope to hear that God has not said?

What better words do we hope to hear that God has not said?

I don’t know if we like lamenting; “I don’t that this, I don’t have that… ”, God must be wondering what exactly wrong with us.


We tend to limit what God can and can’t do, we give Him boundaries in which to operate, and in the end we lose it all.


If some tells you “am not man to lie”, “Nothing is impossible for me…”, “ask and you will receive…”, “Don’t let your heart be troubled… I will get that done” What better words do we hope to hear that he has not said?


Honestly, why do we still we get ourselves worked up. Why don’t we take heart, ask Him, be still, and wait for Him to work it out His way?

Read: Ephesians 3:20.

By Beneth


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Am free

Am free

Am free from pain,
From the hurting
For I have tested forgiveness.

Our God is stronger
He is full of mercy and Grace,
And he heals
All that he touches.

He has transformed me,
With the gentleness in his hands.
Now am free,
I have tested his love.

He can heal you,
Take away your pain,
If only you let him.

Am free,
You can be free.

By Beneth

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I love this gal

I love this gal

She carries crystal drops of tears in her eyes
I wonder,
Who could hurt a rose like that?

She walks with fear,
As though her enemy is watching her,
I keep trying to understand her,
Why she is the way she is,
Why she does what she does,

She commands me her steps,
She touches everything with care as
Though it’s going to break,
I feel someone hurt her,
May be broke her heart,

I love this gal,
May be I need to protect her,
Be the man in her life,
Hopefully the one and only,

She is so pure,
So beautiful,
She is my rose,
And those tears,
It’s like drops of water on her petals.

I love this gal,
I don’t care about the fear around her,
The pain she could have gone through,
All I want is to share our lives together.

I love this gal.

By Beneth

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The gal in my mirror

The gal in my mirror

She looks straight in my eyes
It seems she is complaining
But I can’t hear her words.

Tears are running down,
I want to reach her
And wash them away,
But she is so far

I can see her pulse,
She is annoyed,
May be with me.
Yet I don’t remember what I did
To hurt her like this

Am sorry I said,
To this gal in my mirror
I wonder if she is listening.
But I feel lighter now
After saying sorry.

I hope she heard me,
May be she will forgive me,
I look forward to her smile,
The next time we meet.
The gal in my mirror.

By Beneth

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The baby I call my love

The baby I call my love

I waana give you all that I have
I waana share
my dreams,
my hope,
and all my love.

I waana travel to an island,
Play all games that I
never played before
Only with you,

The baby I call my love.

By Beneth

October 8, 2010 at 7:13 AM 1 comment

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