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The cry of a woman

The cry of a woman

Was the truth that necessary
Why did you have to tell me
After all these years.

I respected you
I admired you
I believed you
And most of all
I loved you.

Why all the lies
Why didn’t you stand
by your word
Until the end

Now that the glass is broken
The truth is known,
And am torn apart,
Are you happy?

You have crashed me,
I gave you my love,
And you broke my heart,
How will I love again?
How will I trust again?

You have taken my pride,
and covered me with shame,
You have taken my beauty
and wrapped with tears,
Was this your goal to score?

I have wasted enough of my time,
emotions and most of all
love and trust.
Stay out of my way,
for am not sure what
I may do to your face

Beneth 26/08/2010

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Blame it on the rain

Blame it on the rain

Don’t blame me for
Missing you
Don’t blame me for
Calling you in the middle
Of the night
And waking you
From a beautiful dream

Please don’t blame me,
Blame it on the rain.

Blame it on the rain
That rains at night

Blame it on the rain
That reminds me of you

Blame it on the rain
That makes me miss you

Don’t blame me
for calling you at work,
I know you can be busy.

Don’t blame for calling you
when you’re driving,
I know you watch safely measures

Please don’t blame me,
Blame it on the rain
That reminds me of you
When you’re not with me,
Blame it on the rain.

Beneth 25/08/2010

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Am not scared.

Am not scared.

Am seated on the street on a cold night
With an empty bowel at my feet
But am not scared.

I was waiting on my garden
Counting my yields once harvested
But now that I have is ash,
But am not scared.

I have lost my job,
And my loved ones,
Those that I had loved and looked up to
But now all that is gone,
But am not scared.

Am not scared,
For my hope is in you,
For my strength is in you
Am not scared any more,
Now that I have got you.

Beneth 25/08/2010

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Love hurts

Love hurts

Was it meant to be a triangle,
You love someone
And someone else loves you.
Why can’t one love
those that love them.

Everyone long for love,
Even those that are loved,
Still search for it elsewhere.
We shade tears over the hurt,
Yet we refuse to accept the love we receive,
Love hurts.

From time to time,
You wish it was not someone else,
I wonder how God manages
To watch someone you love
Running around
Looking for what you give without asking.
Love hurts,

When you watch someone crying,
So disappointed, Betrayed, Bitter, Lost
And you can only wish,
It was your shoulder they were crying on,
Your arms embracing them,
Your hands rubbing the tears.

Love hurts

By Beneth

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Me or my copy?

Me or my copy?

I need you,
So you say.
Am tired of this old phrase

Every time you say it
You follow it with another
Starting with “But ….”

I wonder,
Do you really need me,
Or a copy of me?

You want me to act;
My happiness and smiles,
And change everything about me.

What do you really want,
Me or my copy?

From Benie

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Trapped in memories

Trapped in memories

I feel trapped in a thick forest,
And am trying so hard to run out
But I always find myself back
To where I started from

I appreciate the memories we hard,
But I don’t want to carry them all my life,
I don’t think you understand me
Just like all others who think
They know me more than myself.
Am held by dreams that were cut short,
Memories that will never come again
Stories that will never be told
And love that wont be felt again.

Am trapped in memories,
A think forest
I never seem to run out of

By Beneth 18/08/2010

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Life is so precious gift,
So I believe,
Though I stopped enjoying it
Along time ago

I got parents that love me so much,
I got friends that spend all
Their time with me,
Yet none seems close enough to me

This sounds unfair,
After all we have been through.

I just feel so far apart…
I wish I could do something
to change this whole thing around.

I would like to spend all my life with you,
Creating happy moments together,
But I just don’t know “how?”
This is so frustrating.
I wish it can be enjoyable again.

From Benie

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All Alone

All Alone

I normally feel alone
Despite whom am with
Or where am
Or what am doing.

Am like a person speaking
A different language
From everyone else

I may try to avoid this feeling,
But it does not go away.
I just hope one day
Someone will understand my language.
I don’t want to feel alone anymore.

From Benie

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Watching from a distance

Watching from a distance

You say you love him,
Neither do I blame you
Love has no bonders
Nor choice.

I see the tears you shade
And all I can do is
To wish I can wipe them off

You cry for love,
I cry for love too
But tears don’t deserve yo face.

Am watching from a distance,
Wishing I can be closer to you,
Wishing I could wash those tears away.

Beneth, 18th AUG 2010

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Darkness closing on me

Darkness closing on me

You were my sunshine
My hope for tomorrow
Now I live like a bag blown by wind

With no hope,
No plan, No heart,
And now darkness is closing on me.

Why did you have to leave,
Why did you leave me alone,
Did you know it yould hurt this much,

Am so scared of darkness,
Am scared of living without you,
Oh, my sunshine
Send me a star to watch over me,
For it’s hurts so much to miss you.

Beneth 18/08/2010

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Red Rose

Red Rose

To day I send you a red rose,
The same I gave you the 1st time we met,

One rose to say
I love you so much,
One rose to say
yo’re so beautiful,
One rose to say,
It hurts to know,
You will never be mine.

I give you a ROSE,
My best flower of all.
Wishing you be my rose.

Beneth 18/08/2010

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A second chance

A second chance

What have I done with myself
All I have done feels wrong.
Now am seated hear praying for a second chance

Am so unaware of my self,
My strengths, My weakness,
Why can’t I find confidence within myself.
I need to know myself for who I am
And what really makes me happy

I don’t know where to go, am cross confused
I want to let go of my anger for joy.
And my hate for love
I need to do something I have never done before

I need a second chance
A chance to undo the wrong I have done,
A time to set the record right

Beneth 10/08/2010

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Burden of love

Burden of love

I chose to love
Little did I know
what I was heading for

Now that I have loved you,
Am so scared to loose you,
I don’t even remember
how I lived befor I met you

The burden of love.
Once loved,
We fear to feel lonely again,

A feeling
I never thought I would feel
Thoughts I never thought I would have,
What a burden, Love is.

Beneth 18/08/2010

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Stay with me

Stay with me

The rain is blessing the earth gently
And I like the sound,
Nevertheless I feel so cold.

As I look for shelter in your arms,
I listen to the music of your heart beating,
A soul cold as mine,

Stay with me,
The night is young,
We have each other,
What else do we need?

Stay with me,
Lets listen to this music
And dance if we can.
Stay with me.

Beneth 18/08/2010

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I know I missed you,

I know I missed you,

I just got to busy with life,
Paid less attention to your words,
You’re promises,

Now that all work is done,
I feel a deeper lose,
An empty space in heart,

And all I can think of is you,
I wish I can listen to those words once more,
I wish you could sit by my side and hold my hand
As you promise all those things once again

I know I missed you,
I have to sit here and wait for another chance,
If at all it ever comes,
Otherwise, I know I missed you.

By Beneth 18/08/2010

August 19, 2010 at 9:09 AM 2 comments

I regret I love you

I regret I love you

From the moment we said ‘I DO’
Love and care
Is what I have given you;
And now am tired of caring.

Our love has changed so much,
We have become strangers,
May be enemies instead of best friends and lovers
We seen not to understand each other
And nothing seems fun between us anymore,
Is this what you said I DO to?

I’m tired of tossing all night long,
Trying to ignore this pain
And regret that is pilling inside of me

I feel like screaming,
But I just have to keep my mouth shut.

However one thing remains,
I regret I love you.
You may not say a word,
But it seems you feel the same way.

By Beneth 15/08/2010

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