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The Change

The Change

Anew day comes in,
Be it sunny or rainy
We take it as it is,
Without asking why

We move from place to place,
Make new friends,
Lose the old ones
Take on new responsibilities,
Tasks and roles

We often feel bold,
Once we have done it all,
Yet still scared of starting

We smile, laugh, and often cry,
We sing, jump, dance
And sometimes scream

We eat, drink,
sleep and wake up
Ready to celebrate another day

We feel lonely,
we fall in love,
We feel smart,
we fall in traps.

This is our life,
Change is part of it.
Let’s accept it.

By Beneth 28/07/2010


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A Love Story (Caminho das Índias)

Maya(Left) in forbidden love, she is said to be 'the unlucky' in love

A Love Story (Caminho das Índias)

A Love Story (Caminho das Índias), is a soap that brings Brazil and Indian examining the beliefs and values that the cultures.

It focuses on a forbidden love between two Indians of very different origins, Maya and Bahuan.
We look forward to the power of love challenging the forces of tradition, traditional dances and songs and of course Indian art.

Maya Meetha is a joyful, intelligent, young woman working in a telemarketing centre in Rajastan and belongs to a traditional family from the merchant class.

Bahuan is graduating in the US, works in an American firm, but never forgot the humiliations he suffered as a child because of being an Untouchable. And he is so scared that his tradition will drive him away from the woman of his life.

Anyhow the soap has just begun, all we need is to stay close to our TV and watch every little bit of it. Showing on UBC (in Uganda), 8-9pm Weekdays.

Nice viewing.

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All for nothing

All for nothing

I have waited for you patiently
From one season to another,
From drought to floods,
I have waited.

Now that I have seen you,
I wonder,
Was the waiting worth?

All for nothing,
All for nothing

By Beneth, 21/07/2010

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I have learnt a lot

I have learnt a lot

A baby in your arms,
That is what i have been.

Not that I’m complaining,
But rather, thankful and grateful

For in your arms,
I have learnt to love,
To care, and to live my life

I have learnt
Who I am,
Who I was meant to be,
And whom, I want to be,

I have learnt to earn,
Spend, save and invest.

All that I am,
I owe it to you,
Many have placed a hand on me,
But without your hand,
All could have been crashed,

I have learnt a lot,
And thanks to you.

By Beneth 22/07/2010.

This is for my Familly
(Dad, Mum, Sisters and Brothers)
Thank you guys,

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Hope you understand

Hope you understand

Not that I did what I wanted,
I was not part of your dream
And nothing could change that.

Being with you,
Is dragging you down
All your child hood dreams

Hope you understand,
Dreams would remain dreams,
But the split,
Brought them to life

Hope you understand,
No shame or regret
No pain or apology,
Did I carry.

Hope you understand,
To love is not to hold,
But to set free,

I just hope you understand.

By Beneth 22/07/2010.

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I won’t do it again

I won’t do it again

Am sorry,
So I say now and then,
I wish I meant it,
Even for one day.

Every time I hurt myself I swear,
“I won’t do this again,
I have learnt my lesson”

The next day comes,
I do it all over again,
Crashing myself to pieces

I cry like the 1st time,
Claiming to have learnt,
Saying sorry,
And promising
“I won’t do it again”

By Beneth, 21/07/2010

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Praying for magic

Praying for magic

Trying to reach you
Wherever you are

Why did you leave me all alone?
I thought I would go through this,
The time did not seem so long to wait for,

Now am praying for magic,
To be where you are
In a flash of a second

No trick seems to work,
It seems I got to wait,
Until I see you again.

By Beneth, 20/07/2010

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