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Unstoppable Gal

Unstoppable Gal

I’m a dreamer, an achiever,
A worrier, a fighter
Who does what has to be done
And I got it.

I’m unstoppable,
I don’t give in, I don’t let go
I press on with hope
I have faith, and I believe ‘I can’

I don’t waste time,
Neither do I miss chances,
If you dare me,
I give it my all,
I win,

That is me gal,
I’m unstoppable.

By Beneth,

September 22, 2009 at 2:05 PM 1 comment

You got to slowdown

You got to slowdown

I feel like a bird in the air,
Eager to fly high and hinger
He says, you have to slowdown

When the music is rocking
And I feel like shaking it off,
He says slowdown
When my heart is burning with anger,
And I’m biting my lips to keep calm
He says slowdown

When am pressed in a corner,
My seat is getting hot,
And I feel like screaming on top of my voice
He says, Slowdown

When I feel like fighting,
With every little strength I have
Crash everything down
He says slowdown.

You have to slowdown, baby
You don’t want to do anything
You may regret.

By Beneth

September 22, 2009 at 2:03 PM 1 comment

My treasure

My treasure

You’re my treasure,
Hidden in a rock

I searched for you
In ever sand in the valley,
In every rock of the mountain

My treasure,
I’m a hunter,
Searching for you,
With out tiring

I got to find you baby,
Before anyone does,
I will be there on time.

I’m your hunter and
You’re my treasure

By Beneth

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Run away with me

Run away with me

Am lost in your eyes
And my heart is inter-twined with yours
I got to go
But I can’t go without you


Run away with me
Just run away with me
Run away with me

2. My breath is lost
At a thought of being away from you
My heart is cold
At an imagination without you

– – Bridge

Am like withering flower,
Wilting in the rain
To let go of my joy
And source of happiness

– – Bridge

4. You’re my guide, my solider
How can I live without you?
How will I smile, without you by my side?

BOTH: – – Bridge
(Run away with me,
Oh my love run away with me) x2

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You Hold on

You Hold on.

    1.When the storm closes you in a cave,
    And you got no shelter
    When you’re are scared
    And you have no where to run to


You don’t give up
You hold on, little by little
As you grow stronger and stronger
You hold on, until you achieve
You hold on.

    2.When you’re tired of trying
    When you have lost hope for another chance
    And a new door opens

— Chorus

    3.When you are weak, and your strength is low
    And your heart has fallen apart
    Then a new morning comes with a new sun

— Chorus

    4.When the darkness closes in
    And there is no one around you
    Your heart is covered with fear
    Of what you don’t see.
    And light appears.

September 22, 2009 at 1:48 PM 2 comments

Protect me

Protect me

Protect me
dear lord.

Protect me
from this enemy within me.
He is stongh
and he fights from with in me.

His words hurt me,
they pierce me
like sharp knives into my skin
And he speaks with no end.

My heart feels torn apart
and so weak.

This enemy lord,
has already broken
into my kingdom.

And he has left me with
no escape door.

Protect me lord
from myself,
guide my thoughts,
and actions.

Protect me lord
so that i may serve you

For serving you is
what i want to do .

By Beneth

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I give it all up.

I cant be where you are
and be where I am
I cant have what I want
and get what I need,
or what you want me to have,


    So I give it all up,
    I give it all up,
    I give it all up,
    just because of you.

I can’t hold my pain
and celebrate our love,
I can’t be resentful
and feel yo joy.


I can’t chose my way
and let you lead me through it
And I can’t lead
and you follow.


I give it all up,
Just for you.

I give it all up just for you.

By Beneth

September 14, 2009 at 1:28 PM 1 comment

“What are your plans as my wife?” ,He asks!

“What are your plans as my wife?” ,He asks!

The diner is going on well, and you have no question to ask him so you take your seat comfortably to enjoy the meal.. and before you do, he feels it’s now town time for him to ask. “What are your plans as my wife?” What would you tell him?

Ladies are so good at asking questions, mostly because we need to tell someone, and we don’t like being asked especially when were caught off guard.

A few years ago a friend of mine asked me, “What would be your purpose of dating someone?” First was like, ”Why ask?” and he was like I need to know. So I told him, I would date someone b’se i need to know them better. And he asked again, “What would knowing someone better help you?”, “What would be your ultimate goal?” Well that was getting hot for me. So i had to look for ways to divert the talk to something else.

Recently a friend of mine came to me creaming on top of her voice… “can you imagine what he asked me”?, I was like.. Aha, he asked for yo hand in marriage. No gal something worse…” What”? I asked. Everything was going on well and he asked, ” What plans do have for me, as your husband?”

I was like, is he an HR manager? It’s like your siting for a Job interview. At least that managed to make her laugh and we talked calmly.

So what do you say to a guy who asks ‘off-the-hook’ questions. One thing is that we can not avoid them, and I believe a serious man needs to know if you can handle what waits you. The answer you give will determine if you are sure and ready for it.

Men, just like women, like evaluating… so don’t get cold feet. Be you and tell him the truth… if you breakup, the better. You wound not want to be on a job you don’t like for the rest if yo life or even be wrong team member.

By Beneth

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Emotions, an enemy with in you.

Emotions, an enemy with in you.

Many times when you talk to a good friend on how you are confused between what you feel and what you think is right, you will be told to “follow your heart”. Friends don’t want to hurt you, they try to shelter you from pain. But at times our hearts can be wrong and that is why i say , watch out for yo emotions.

Our hearts are fragile, and they know that about themselves so they tend to delay their breaking point ; the so called heartbreak…

If you ever hear a voice asking you to wake up, you got to stop, and the like… just do it, for you better wake up now than later… Pushing the heartbreak to another day doesn’t take it away.

Our emotions tend to show our weak points and if you want to prove how weak you can be, follow them. In a very short time you won’t be able to explain what you did or even believe it yourself.

One thing for sure following your emotions does not take the pain away… it will actually break in the long run into more fine pieces. And that is hard to put back together.

So I will say it again; to you my dear friends, be careful with your emotions… they are your worst enemy.

By Beneth

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When a man you love needs a little fixing….

When a man you love needs a little fixing….

There are women with a engineering character and I like that about them, their strength is so much and they don’t think there are things they can not fix, even if it’s the men in their lives.
As humans we have weaknesses here and there, some of us we don’t like it when some one yells at us, or talks in some torn we don’t like… or says word we don’t like. There is this phrase that a friend of mine uses so much, ”OK, you can do what you want!”

Those words make me mad, and I would blow out on how, weird he is… I would feel am not understood. To me it’s not always about what I want, but what I think is right. At times those can be different.

Back to the real world of fixing issues. I never liked those female talks where they tell women to sit back and just be women. Actually I would get bored with the whole talk… and if I have a chance I would go for some guy talk. “Simply to listen, on what I going to be done and how… ”, that stuff used to make me feel more alive! I love fixing stuff, but I think when it comes to fixing men, I would rather sit back and watch.

At times it’s better to let go of some things if you can’t agree with them whole heartedly. If you can’t stand how someone eats… then all the dinners you share with him will be a mess, you will be irritated and you start quarreling over small issues.

A friend of mine, happened to fall for this crazy guy, I should say picked an interest in him. And she always told us, he will change, it’s because he has not a job, Then the guy got a job, but still he did not change, and she was like he has problems with his father, ( His Dad needs a grand son, so we have to get married and give him one… and he will be, ok) the excuses went on and on… of late we met at a shopping mall with two sons, and the husband still needed some fixing.

My friend is tired of working so hard trying to make the wrong guy right… and she told me she was planning on walk away with her boys!

The question is, is that what she really wants for her children, for herself, is it the right thing to do? I happen to be a Christian and things like devoice don’t exist… Marriage is till death, though I would have loved it to be even through death (I would love to be with my hubby in heaven).

Gals we need to accept that we can’t change a man, just like no man can change us! It’s only God that can re-model our lives and make us better people.

The good thing that has happened, is that my friend has joined the marrieds group at church and she will continue to get support even though her husband has not changed, we pray that God continues to work on him.

But if yo not married to his man that you need to fix for the rest of yo life I would ask you to think again, Measure yourself and see if you can really do that ‘for the rest of your life’ with love and no complaints or regrets.

If you can’t handle, you step out, as they say; if you can’t stand the smoke, you get out of the kitchen. It’s much better to step out even when you don’t want to, than to spend the rest of yo life cursing the man yo claim to love.
I know, this category of women don’t like feeling like they failed… but getting out of such a relationship is not failing…. It’s winning. You win happiness from jail. Otherwise, how will you be happy if you’re always complaining about the mess he does, the alcohol he drinks, or his stupid ‘values’, or his insulting jokes?

You can chose now, to let go and gain yourself over the engineer you feel you are. And you can share with us your success story and encourage others. Or tell us what has failed to caution others behind you in a queue.

All in All, Let God do his job, am sure he much better at it than us.

Beneth Akoola.

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